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Ferrofer(Iron Sucrose Injection)
Product Name£ºFerrofer(Iron Sucrose Injection)
Therapeutic Category£ºHematinic
CAS No.£º8047-67-4

→ First approved ANDA by SFDA

→ #1 Prescribed IV iron in Chinese Market

→ Manufactured in GMP plant

→ Products confirm to current USP specification

→ Leading market share in the domestic market

→Exported to many countries & regions!


Brand Name: Ferrofer

Strength: 5ml:100mg Fe

Inner Packing: 5amps/box


Iron Sucrose is indicated for parenteral treatment of iron deficiency in cases whereby oral iron preparations cannot provide for sufficient supplementation.

Such as:

- Patients who cannot tolerate oral iron therapy

- Patients who cannot sufficiently absorb orally administered iron

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