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Fluximem(Phloroglucinol Injection)
Product Name£ºFluximem(Phloroglucinol Injection)
Therapeutic Category£ºAntispasmodic
CAS No.£º6099-90-7

→ Approved by SFDA

→ Manufactured in GMP plant

→ Exporting to many countries & regions


Strength: 4 ml: 40 mg(Phloroglucinol)

Inner Packing: 6 amps/box


——Symptomatic treatment of the acute pains related to the functional disorders of the digestive tract and the bile ducts.

——Treatment of the spasmodic and painful demonstrations acute of the urinary tracts: renal colics.

——Symptomatic treatment of the acute painful demonstrations in gynaecology.

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